Having a daughter improves the lives of men in many ways, study says

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Becoming a parent requires great responsibility in one’s life and although parenthood has many ups and downs regardless of the gender of the baby, a recent scientific study has shown that having a daughter can benefit a parent’s life, especially the father’s.

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According to a research conducted by Harvard Business School, men who have daughters experience more positive changes in their lives than those who have sons. They also generally strive to be better parents.

The study was conducted by asking a set of questions to 50 parents with both male and female children. The result concluded that parents with daughters spend 60% more time with them. They also expressed and shared emotions better and more often than those with sons.

Fathers tend to want to spend more time with their daughters because the way they are brought up is different from a daughter should be raised.

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In order to learn that, they have to be close to them. This may include playing dress ups with them, watching concerts together and surrendering to their womanly demands.

A psychotherapist explains that men with daughters observe and learn from their children what being a woman means. This encourages them to have a wider perspective and even go on to change their male-dominated views. With sons, this revelation is highly unlikely to occur because they encounter the same gendered experiences and interactions.

Having a daughter allows men to be more open to their sensitive, emotional side.

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Generally, men are taught to hide emotions and not speak of them. Connecting with their daughters helps them learn to negotiate feelings better. They will also understand the value of women better, as fathers dislike their daughters receiving unfair treatments.

Now we know why fathers are daughters’ first love and why men would go the extra mile protecting their daughters. The love and mutual understanding makes their bond inseparable.

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