Quick puzzle: Hidden in the ocean of Os are a number of Qs, let’s see if you can find them


Are you waiting in a long queue to get your meal? Need some time to kill while expecting your loved ones to come home? Looking to distract yourself from the stress of traffic jam? Here’s a quick puzzle trivia to keep you engaged.

See the picture below?

If your brain goes ‘Oooooooooh…nooooooo!’ after looking at this ocean of Os, you’re not alone. We had our brain going in circles too the first time we saw it. But hey, at least it’s fun!

Okay so here’s the drill. Hidden among these Os are a number of Qs. Yes, they’re somewhere in there, we promise you. All you have got to do is calculate exactly how many Qs are sneaking in plain sight in the picture.

Don’t give up already. It may look difficult but if you’re really focused, it’s as easy as eating Oreos…or Cheerios. Whichever you fancy. 

Image for illustration purpose only. (Credit: Pixabay)

The key here is to take it slow. There’s no time limit, no competition, so don’t rush. Also, the purple background is intended to make it harder for you to find the Qs, but you’re no loser, right?

Now go through the Os, line after line. As soon as your eyes spots on a Q, keep count of it. You can go traditional by keeping track of the numbers with your hand, or write them down on a piece of paper just to be sure.

Take a breather in between if your vision is getting a little blurry. You don’t want to end up with starry vision or even worse, a headache. This should only take you a quick minute or so.

Now, are you done? How many Qs did you manage to find? Are you confident with your answer? Let’s take a look.

There you go. There are six Qs hidden among the 9 long rows of Os. Was it easy or difficult? Share it with your friends and have fun.


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