This 9-yo girl became the boss of a fried chicken restaurant in order to help ease her family’s burden


Some children mature faster than others as they are thrust with a sense of responsibility at an early age, like this 4th grader who helps out in the family eatery. 

A young girl named Beel from Thailand has become an internet sensation not because she’s adorable but because she has become part owner of a fried chicken shop at only 9-years-of-age. She wants to help ease her family’s burden. When Beel was only 3-year-old, she started helping her grandmother do chores around the house.

Beel was put in charge of cooking the scrumptious chickens until they’re crispy and golden brown. 

Credit: sohu

Beel’s parents had divorced recently and now she lives in her grandparent’s home with her two younger brothers. Her grandmother runs a fried chicken shop and will be busy running it during weekdays. Beel decided to try her hand at the arduous process of frying the chickens and found she had a knack for it.

She wasn’t tall enough to reach the regular height of the fryer so they lowered the setup. Beel is so skilled at managing the fryers that her grandmother has left the job solely to her.

The shop’s regulars are amazed by Beel and commend her for taking on such responsibility. She had the aura of a boss who owns the shop!

Credit: sohu

In addition to managing the shop, she also looks after her two younger brothers. 

Credit: sohu

When her grandparents are busy with the shop or working elsewhere, she is in charge of her siblings. One of the shop’s regulars posted the story of Beel and her skills online and netizens were immediately in awe of her talent.

Her internet stardom has brought more customers to the shop and the family is grateful for the support. 

Credit: sohu

Credit: Sohu


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