Girl falls in love with handsome stranger in cinema, finds him online after 12 hours and starts dating him after that

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Being in love is a beautiful feeling. Often times, it happens at unexpected times in unexpected ways.

For one university student, love blossomed in the movie theater.

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So, this girl had made plans with her friends to watch Aladdin together. Unfortunately, her friends had to bail out of the plan at the very last minute.

She didn’t want to miss the movie so she ended up going to the movies alone. When she entered the cinema hall, she noticed a handsome guy sitting next to her seat. She figured she wasn’t all that alone after all and went on sit next to him.

Unknowingly, she fell asleep for a good 20 minutes at a point of the movie. She woke up only to find her hands intertwined with the hands of the handsome guy next to her! Too good to be true, right?

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Wait till you read the rest of the story. The girl tried to let go of his hands, but apparently, he held on tight onto it. They ended up watching the movie together, hand in hand. When the end credits start rolling, the guy let go of her hand and walked away.

“He looks like he was about 183cm tall, wearing Levi’s jeans and a jacket as well as some Vans sneakers. Why didn’t you give me your contact number?” she wrote in her university’s confession page.

Now that her story has gone online, netizens were amused how easily the entire event had occurred. Some commented it was her lucky day and the others said she must have imagined it in her dreams.

Fast forward 12 hours, the girl posted a follow up to the initial post. The guy had reached to her upon discovering her confession and they have already gone on a date.

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“I’m really happy that my friend decided to cancel at the last minute so that I can meet this new friend of mine”, she delighted.

They may have met at the movies, but their chance encounter makes for a better movie plot than any other.

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