These rare blue bananas taste just like vanilla ice cream. You can even buy them from Amazon

Credit: Foody TW

You must have seen yellow bananas, green bananas and even Bananas In Pyjamas. Here’s a new addition to the list that will make you go bananas!

Introducing the Blue Java Banana.

Credit: Foody TW

Nope, it’s not a mutation nor it is genetically modified. The fruit native to South Asian, Australian and Hawaiian lands is as natural as it gets. However, just like it’s color, it is extremely rare to find outside of its native places.

There’s another interesting element to the Blue Java Banana. People who have consumed it claims it tastes like vanilla ice cream! Seriously, book me a ticket to Hawaii already. The blue color in the fruit start showing even before it ripens.

Though it’s a tropical fruit, they can grow in up to minus 7 degrees Celsius. However, they naturally need plenty of sunlight for good growth. The Blue Java Bananas are generally shorter and fuller in size compared to its counterparts.

The banana’s soft and sweet and highly nutritional. One 100 grams serving has 0.3g of fat, 22.8g of carbs and 89 calories. Aptly nicknamed the ‘ice cream banana’, a preferred way of consumption for these blue fruits is mixing it with peanut butter to make smoothies or healthier version of ‘ice cream’.

This might come as a surprise to you but you can actually find the Blue Java Bananas on Amazon. That’s right, they sell it online. However, if you’re feeling a bit green-fingered, or blue-fingered precisely, here’s how you can grow them at home.

Firstly, you must make sure the plant gets enough rain and sunlight.


Secondly, they grow in abundance hence you should have ample space to avoid stunted growth.

Buy good quality fertilizers and use it once a month. Increase the amount monthly along with the amount of water. You should do this for 9 months and voila, you’ll have your very own Blue Java Bananas at home.

Credit: Truth Theory


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