A letter from a father to his son: The love of a father will leave you in tears

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A great father is dedicated and devoted to his children. He is wise and full of love even if he has a hard time showing it sometimes. Great fathers are present and engaged in their children’s lives. They not only provide comedic relief with their numerous ‘dad jokes’ but know when to put their foot down when their kids step out of line.

An open letter was written by the host of Radio Television Hong Kong, Liang Jizhang, dedicated to his son and it has since gained a lot of attention on the internet. Fathers and sons alike were extremely moved by the heartfelt letter. Here is what it said:

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My dear child,

Seeing as you are getting older and becoming a fine young man, I write this letter to you so I can pass what I’ve learned throughout the years onto you. All the blessings you receive in life are impermanent, they are there one day and gone the next. If I don’t tell you these things, nobody will. With that in mind, here goes.

There will be people who treat you badly. They may cheat and try to bring you down out of spite. Be wary of this kind of people, the world is not a walk in the park. Nobody is obliged to be good to you in life, except your mother and I, of course. When you find people genuinely interested in your well being, cherish them.

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Remember that no one is irreplaceable and nothing is really necessary. Once you come to terms with this fact, even if you lose everything you own and everyone, you still have you to fall back on.

Life is really short. In the grand scheme of things, you only have a short time to actually live life to the fullest, so do that. Cherish all the wonders of life and don’t put off something you’ve always wanted to do.

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Love is just a feeling and as with all feelings, they will change over time. If your soulmate leaves you, it is nobody’s fault. People fall in love and people fall out of love, that’s all. Don’t force love or wallow in self-pity when you lose someone you love.

Many people will tell you, not everything you need to know can be found in books. While that may be true, never underestimate the power books and education hold. They are the weapons in your artillery.

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I will not ask you to support your mother and I for the rest of your life and by the same token, we cannot support you for the rest of yours. You will need to learn to be wholly independent and responsible for your own life. Keep in mind also, the fact that how you treat people will not determine how they choose to treat you. The sooner you realize this, the better.

I have bought lottery tickets consistently for 26 years and have not once won a prize. This just proves you cannot count on luck to pull you through life. Yes, there is a one in a million chance you may win but that’s not enough of a guarantee to gamble your way through life.

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This letter was written from a father to his son and in it, he states some hard pills to swallow. The faster we get it down, the better off we’ll be in life.

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