Husband takes care of cancer-stricken wife like a princess, all her cancer cells disappear after 6 months

Credit: Facebook@mikoleong

A young lady named Miko Leong started feeling ill back in 2015 and when she consulted a doctor, she was confronted with the fact that she was suffering from cancer. Since then, she documented and shared her experience on Facebook.

Credit: Facebook@mikoleong

Miko had started coughing severely for months and after trying various medications that did not work, she booked an appointment with a doctor. It turned out, she was suffering from Stage 2 Non-Hodgkin B Cell Lymphoma. There was a malignant tumor approximately 10 cm in size located between her heart and lungs. 

She decided to start treatment as soon as possible before the cancer had a chance to spread even more.

Miko was understandably flustered but got through the trying time with the support of her family, friends and husband. 

Credit: Facebook@mikoleong

She says that chemotherapy is extremely painful as she recalls how she needed to be hospitalized for 6 days during every session. She had to take 18 – 19 steroids every day.

She had chemo sessions once every three weeks for nearly five months. 

Credit: Facebook@mikoleong

As a result of the chemo treatments, Miko started losing her hair, eyebrows and even eyelashes. This was devastating to Miko but her husband consistently told her she looked beautiful.

Credit: Facebook@mikoleong

After nearly five months of agonizing treatments, Miko received great news from her doctors. Her scans showed that the tumor was gone and the cancer cells were also eliminated, the treatment was a success.

She left the hospital for what was hopefully the last time with a newfound appreciation for life and the people who cared for her!

Credit: Facebook@mikoleong

She encourages people to ask her about her experience so she can help individuals who are going through similar circumstances. 

Credit: Facebook@mikoleong

Thanks to her family and friends for their support during her fight against cancer. Especially her husband, who never left her during the harsh period. Perhaps, this is what we call true love!

Credit: Facebook/Miko Leong


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