Keanu Reeves is gaining more admiration for his considerate behavior towards women, praised for respecting private space

Credit: Twitter/Kemoy Lindsay

We all love us some Keanu Reeves. He’s talented, good looking and seems to have never aged from his The Matrix days.

If you need another reason to swoon over him, this is it. He is currently the talk of the internet town for his considerate behavior towards his female co-stars and fans. Multiple photographs are being circulated online that discuss and dissects the images to its very details.

A first nonchalant glance at the pictures prove nothing out of the ordinary. Reeves is seen standing alongside his fans, embracing them with open arms. A closer look, however will reveal that he never actually touches them, not even his body.

The revelation has gone viral on Twitter especially, one particular post garnering over 386,000 likes and more than 84,000 comments.

Netizens have been flooding the comment section with their heightened respect and admiration for the 54-year-old actor.

“Honestly the only hero we have left”, reads a fan comment.

Another person tweeted a lengthier post that said, “He’s respectful. This should be how it’s done unless ya know the woman doesn’t mind being touched. Keanu should inspire us all.”

Some people disagreed with the original post saying that the John Wick actor was just saving his skin.

“Ain’t nobody gonna catch him with assault accusations.”

A few others joked that “Keanu has the amazing power to make you feel hugged without ever having touched you” and that they think “he’s inappropriately touching their auras.”

Whatever the reactions are, it is clear that Keanu has only settled deeper into our hearts with his chivalrous gestures.

Credit: Twitter/Kemoy Lindsay


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