When no funds are available, creative teacher turns trash into treasure to create reading corner for students

Credit: Facebook/ Reynel Calmerin

Teachers often find it a challenge to attract their student’s attention in classes. Some even struggle to come to school because they find studying ‘boring’.

Consequently, dedicated teachers tend to go beyond their capabilities as an educator to think of creative ways to keep the kids engaged. We’ve heard stories of teachers dressing up as movie or book characters, using interactive games and also upgrading the classroom image to facilitate students’ interest.

Reynel Calmerin from South Cotabato, Philippines decided that he should work on a mini project to revamp the classroom to make lesson time more engaging.

Posted by Reynel Calmerin on Sunday, June 2, 2019


However, there was a catch. There was no funding available from the school nor the parents due to a ‘No Collection’ policy in the country.

That’s when he recalled the pile of broken chairs and bathroom sinks that were discarded by the school.

Posted by Reynel Calmerin on Sunday, June 2, 2019

He took the opportunity to resource the waste items and turn them into something beautiful. He began breaking the wooden chairs into individual parts. Using only nails and a hammer, he fastened planks of wood onto one corner of his classroom.

Once he was down with that, he repainted the woods using a rainbow of colors. The creative teacher also made shelves out of the same wood pieces.

Posted by Reynel Calmerin on Sunday, June 2, 2019

The end result was a colorful, eye-catching reading corner that kids will enjoy spending time at.

Posted by Reynel Calmerin on Saturday, June 8, 2019

He shared the progress of his work on Facebook. Netizens were impressed by his immense talent and lauded him for thinking out of the box by recycling unused materials from his school.

The young teacher clarified that the materials were indeed trash and he wasn’t destroying public properties that were in good condition.

We need more educators like Reynel to inspire students to not force themselves to study but actually enjoy seeking knowledge.

Well done, teacher Reynel!


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