Deaf girl gets accepted into 7 universities, her mother says it’s the fruit of 17 years of persistence


A 20-year-old woman with hearing impairment and speech impediment has been recently accepted into seven universities. 

Zhang Feiran is from Bejing, China. She was born deaf and has dysfunctional language disorder. However, that didn’t stop her from chasing her dreams of becoming a special education teacher.

According to Liu Ruiqin, Zhang’s mother, her success is the result of 17 years of persistence.


Since a young age, Zhang has shown undeterred determination to excel in education. She has always aspired to help people with disabilities, especially the deaf to get better access to education.

At two and a half years, Zhang was enrolled in a deaf school in Xi’an. Liu contended that her daughter had excellent grades in school. She was interested in arts and computer. She loves painting and exploring new things about computer.

Liu wanted to be a supportive mother to Zhang.

Credit: CNR.CN

Zhang has written more than 90 diaries and notebooks over the past 12 years. She would comment and review the notes on her daughter’s writings. She believes that this is the best way for her to understand her daughter and for her daughter to improvise.

In order to apply for the seven universities and colleges of her choice, Zhang had to travel to 7 different cities around Beijing to sit for each of the entrance examinations. It turned out that all 7 of her exam results were much higher than the admission scores set by the institution.

The single-entry examinations were mainly of arts, computer science and special education majors. Lucky enough for Zhang, she got the privilege to choose her major of choice out of the seven offer letters she was given. Zhang eventually opted for the special education major in Chongqing Normal University.

People like Zhang and Liu keep inspiring us to strive to achieve our dreams by turning our weaknesses into strengths.

Click this link to watch their video.


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