People who cry watching movies are emotionally stronger and more empathetic, study says


If you think people who cry during movies are weak, think again. Crying during movies is actually a sign of being emotionally strong, says science.

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Neuroeconomist, Paul J. Zak had recently conducted a study that links people who cry while watching movies to their emotions. His research concludes that those who reach for tissues at cinemas are better at reaching out to people as they are more empathetic.

They can also handle emotions better and are internally stronger when facing challenges, reports Bright Side. If you think this sounds too good to be true, here are a few reasons to support this claim.

Paul says that these people are aware of the fictional nature of the movies they watch. Even then, their brain sends a signal to respond to the emotional scenes they see and inevitably, the tears start rolling down.

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Oxytocin is a happy hormone that enhances our feelings and emotions. It’s this chemical that causes us to release the negative emotions we associate with watching a sad movie, in turn, to make us feel good about ourselves and the world around us.

People who cry (at movies) are braver, says Paul. They aren’t afraid to express their true selves and be judged for it.

Tears are known to be therapeutic for some. When you cry, you tend to feel lighter. All the pent up pressure has been released out of your body. It gives you a sense of healing to know that there are both good and bad things that can affect us.

People who cry don’t conform to gender roles.

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Crying is often stereotyped as a woman’s trait. Men are not allowed to cry, as in to express their emotions because it is believed to make them less manly.

All of these reasons are closely tied to the influence of oxytocin, the feel-good hormone.

What was the last movie that you have watched crying? Please share with us in the comments section.


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