She went into a coma but her husband did not give up on her when everyone said he should

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We had a great family who lived next to us in my hometown but they had gone through significant hardships. In the family, there is 3 in the family—a boy named Li Rong and his mother named Feng Guihua as well as her husband.

They were instantly liked by the neighborhood when they moved next door many years ago. Her son grew up to be a handsome and good-natured young man who eventually got married.

The young couple moved right next door and everything was fine for a time.

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All that changed in an instant when Li Rong and his wife were out on a holiday trip. He was driving his car at a high speed when he lost control of the steering wheel. The car had hit the barrier and the couple were rushed to the emergency room after an ambulance was called. Li Rong’s injuries were not too serious, he only suffered a mild concussion but his wife was in a coma and things did not look good.

The doctors told him she may never recover. This was devastating news, not only did he feel guilty for causing this but they may never realize their dream of raising children and growing old together. He knew what his family would say but before they could bring it up so he went to his mother and said, “Ma, I know you will persuade me to get a divorce. I beg you, don’t even bring it up. I know she will wake up soon.”

The accident had left his wife in a coma and it did not seem like she would recover.

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His mother was angry but did not bring up the subject. Feng Guihua did all the housework and looked after her unconscious daughter-in-law while her son resumed work as usual. She did this for over a year and nothing seemed to change, her daughter-in-law’s condition did not improve.

A renowned fortune teller visited the village one day named Master Liu. Villagers were lining up to get their fortunes read and out of curiosity, Feng Guihua joined the line. When it came to her turn, she asked him what her daughter-in-law’s fate was. The fortune teller held her hands and said “You need not worry, you have been a good mother-in-law and have done a lot of good deeds in life. You will have a grandson from a person of miraculous circumstances.”

Master Liu told her the future will bring miracles but she did not take him too seriously.

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That was all the fortune teller said. She was confused but did not let it bother her, she went home and worked as usual. Half a year later, while she was preparing dinner she felt uneasy and decided to check on her daughter-in-law. She sat by her and held her hand. To her surprise, she felt a light grip and saw her daughter-in-law struggling to open her eyes. She immediately called the hospital and they took her in.

She made a miraculous recovery and said she was aware of the things that were going on around her. She was so thankful to Feng Guihua for taking care of her all this time. Needless to say, Li Rong was overwhelmed and overjoyed to finally have his wife back.

A year after her recovery, they had their first child, a handsome baby boy. Feng Guihua could not be happier for them!

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