The ultimate secret to happiness: Invest in experiences, not things


Over the years, centuries even, people have been trying to unravel the ultimate secret to happiness.

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A countless number of books and blogs have been published on the ways one can attain and retain happiness. Though the problem with us modern age homo sapiens is that we tend to put our happiness in material things.

We are willing to camp up at a gadget shop weeks prior to their latest product release just to get the bragging rights to be the first to purchase their gadgets. We save up for months only to splurge it on one pair of expensive shoes or handbags.

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When and why do we limit our happiness to materialistic possession? The real deal to true happiness is to invest in experiences, not things, based on an article in Ideapod .

Imagine planning weeks or months on a week-long vacation with your loved ones. Then the actual day arrives and you get a sense of fulfillment as you tick every box off your ‘to-do’ list for the said experience.

Isn’t the rush of euphoria a thousand times better than the feeling you get when you replace your iPhone 7 with an Iphone X? Think about it.

The gift of experiences guarantees you a long-lasting happiness. Why? Because it takes a longer time to bring it to reality and makes you appreciate the time and effort that has been involved.

Additionally, experiences improve your social bond.

You go on a hiking trip or sign up for pottery class.

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There, you meet people from all walks of life who share a piece of their life experiences with you.

Together, you subconsciously enhance your quality of life spending time fostering invaluable lessons that you cannot achieve with material things.

Forget the expensive gifts. Aim for experiences and see how your life changes. You will be the happiest person you have seen.


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