This unique ‘eye washing’ service helps remove dirt and impurities from your eyelids, it’s surprisingly comfortable


Eyes are the most sensitive part of our face, but also the easiest to maintain. Most of the time, you just have to clean the inner corner of your eyes to get rid of the eye boogers.

For those who feel like they could use an occasional cleanse for their eyes, there is a place in Malaysia you can visit.

Huang Baomei is the fifth generation of her family in Penang, and the only one in the country to provide ‘eye-cleansing’ service.

Credit: YouTube/ntv7

She runs a humble grooming shop that offers haircuts and traditional Chinese beauty routine of washing the ears, nose and eyes. The craft was passed down to generations by the founder and Baomei’s late great great grandfather, Huang Congzhao.

Once you enter the premise, you will be welcomed with Baomei warm smile. You will be seated and asked to lean back, close your eyes and relax.

She starts off by massaging your eyes with a warm towel.

Credit: YouTube/ntv7

This helps rejuvenates the nerves. Then she takes a cotton swab, dips it into a herb and oil mixture and applies it on the folded lids of your eyes. She gives it a few rubs and massages your eyes once again.

Few minutes will pass and then, she uses a fresh cotton swab to clean out the medicated oil residue and dips the swab into a clear glass of water.

Credit: YouTube/ntv7

All the dirt and impurities from your eyes get collected by the oil, which can be seen floating in the water.

The finishing touch is another round of warm towel massage to help improve the blood circulation around your eyes. The process may give it off the impression of a painful process but people who have tried it have claimed it to be comfortable and relaxing even.


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