Light up your eyes with these colorful LED eyelashes


What happens when you combine make up and technology? You get illuminated fake eyelashes of course!

Credit: Dude I Want That

Then Pham, one of the co-founders of the LED-induced make up product has recently displayed the one-of-a-kind creation at a technology fair. It was so unique and interesting that it caught the attention of the crowd real quick.

People were hovering the booth with gleamed eyes to see how it works.

The lighted lashes come in a variety of colors, including pink, red, blue, white, yellow and green.

Credit: Life And Style Mag

They are regular lashes that are inserted with tiny LED lights that are charged by a tiny watch battery.

The battery is fastened to the back surface of the product but users don’t have to worry about comfort. They are very small in size that you won’t even notice them in the first place. Additionally, they don’t give out extreme heat that might burn your eyes or give you discomfort when you’re applying it.

It doesn’t take much to use the lashes either. All you need is the usual lash glue to keep it intact with your actual lashes. However, the recommended usage time for these bright lashes is not more than 2 minutes.

The best part about this product is that they can also be used as regular lashes repeatedly. Pham explained that the light emitted from the LEDs does not cause harm to one’s eyes and vision.

Credit: Life And Style Mag

As a matter of fact, he said that most of the times he wasn’t aware that he has illuminating eyelashes on. The light can only be seen faintly in the dark, just enough to demand attention and put you in the spotlight.

Though the product is not available for purchase yet, manufacturers are soon to launch a release campaign. Pham insists that the product will be reasonably priced to cater to everyone’s needs.


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