Couple who named their child “Google” receives surprise gifts from the actual Google


The parents of this generation are creative when it comes to naming their babies.

We have famous celebrities who use adjectives to name their kids such a Blue Ivy, Dusty Rose and North West. Adding to the list is a couple from Indonesia who named their baby Google.

Baby Google was born on 30 November 2008 to Ella Karina and Andi Cahya Saputra the district of Rawalumbu, Bekasi in West Java. He is the second child to the couple, whom were initially having disagreements regarding the choices of name.


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According to Asia One, Andi first thought of naming his child after a tech company when Ella was seven months pregnant. He had a list which included, iPhone, Microsoft and Windows among others.

The reason behind his inspiration is his intention to want his child to become useful to the community, like the largest search engine company in the world. However, Ella wasn’t much in favor with her husband’s idea.

When baby Google was born, they didn’t initially mention his name to their family and friends. “It’s a baby boy,” was Ella’s go-to reply whenever someone asked the little one’s name.

The couple managed to keep it on the low for three months but after that, words start to spread and the news eventually reached Google Indonesia.

A motorcycle taxi driver was sent to Andi and Ella’s home with plenty of goodies for baby Google on behalf of the tech giant. 

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Coconuts mentioned that as soon as the gifts arrived, the parents received a call from Google congratulating them on the baby and praying for his wellbeing. The goodies bag included a blue Google jumper which the baby was later seen wearing for a picture.

Ella refused to disclose the rest of the gifts in detail. And she is definitely happier about her son’s name and fame now.


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