The death of our beloved pets can be as heartbreaking as the death of a person


The death of loved ones can take a serious toll on someone’s life. This includes not just humans, but our beloved pets too.

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Experts say that the loss of pets, especially dogs can be as harrowing as the death of a person. While the reasons as to why it is such are quite obvious, here are a few factual justifications to explain why the death of a dog absolutely shatters our heart.

According to a research paper published on Science Direct, us humans use the same part of our brains to form a human-to-human connection, to connect with dogs.

The attachment and companionship we share with our pets give us human-like satisfaction.

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Additionally, we put a lot of effort into caring for our dogs, as explained in The Power of Silence. We pick a nice bed for them to sleep in. We go through aisles of food to choose which suits their breed best. We bring them for walks and medical check-ups.

Along with these efforts, we spend a copious amount of time with them. We form a routine because they’re always there at home with us. The passing of a dog breaks the routine, the familiarity of doing things together every day.

Owning a dog means providing and receiving unconditional love. Neither do you nor your pet expects anything in return for the love and care you feed off each other.

Image for illustration purpose only. (Credit: Pixabay)

You’re each other’s constant companion in times of joy and sorrow. After they die, their presence will be genuinely missed because you have no one to go to when you need warmth and comfort.

Regardless of what anyone says, losing a dog can affect you immensely. You feel like you lost a part of your life and truly enough, they were precious to you. Take your time to mourn and move on, and always remember that they are not really gone. Their memories will forever stay with you.


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