Dad records son’s voice for GPS navigation app and it is the most adorable thing you will hear

Photo for illustration purpose (Credit: Twitter (L), Twitter (R))

Navigation apps are handy when it comes to traveling.

All you have to do is key in your destination and you’re all ‘Ready, Set, Go’ on the road. The built-in voice will navigate your directions while you sit back and enjoy without having to worry about taking a wrong turn.

While this makes your travel easier, long journeys can be dreadful especially if you’re the one behind the steering wheel. There is nothing much you can do to keep yourself entertained when all you’ve got for company is the flat-toned voice in your navigation app.

Well, not for this Malaysian dad. Rifdi Rosli figured out a way to make his car rides exciting. What did he do? He recorded his son’s adorable voice to customize the directions on his navigation app.

Apparently, Waze has an option to replace the default instruction voice with custom ones. The tech-savvy father made use of the feature and posted it on his Twitter account.

The voice recordings have garnered the attention of netizens as they go all ‘awwwwwww’ for the little boy’s voice. It was impressive that his pronunciations were clear but his intonations made it all the more adorable.

The owner of the cute voice is Rayyan Mikael, and his ‘fans’ couldn’t get enough of him.

“If this is what it takes, I’d even open the Waze app to get across the street from my house just to buy some snacks,” commented a netizen.

“This is one great way to drive safely, because you’ll be thinking of your loved ones while you drive,” reads another thoughtful comment.

This next comment took it to another level. It translates to “I’m a Grab driver who uses Waze avidly and I’d like to use your son’s voice for my rides. It’ll surely calm me down even when I’m stressed. Such a sweetheart”

How cute! This sure made our day!


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