Teen receives hateful comments for posting picture with a stranger’s car, owner defends him from bullies

Photo for illustration purpose (Credit: Twitter (L), Twitter (R))

Social media has become the most important ‘place’ for the younger generation and minds alike.

A major part of their life revolves around expressing opinions, seeking validations and sharing interests on social media sites. Though it’s mostly for the purpose of entertainment, sometimes the things you do for fun can work against your favor.

Recently, a Malaysian teenager posted a picture of his Instagram account. No big deal, everyone does it, right? It was a picture of him posed against a sleek black sports car parked at an unknown spot with the caption ‘Always push yourself’.

Rather than questioning how a young man like himself could afford such lavish car, netizens flooded his comments congratulating and sharing their amusement over his ride. Except that it wasn’t his ride.

The owner, @Marisalerose somehow discovered the post and shared screenshots of the boy’s post on her Twitter account.

One thing leads to another, and the very netizens who congratulated him earlier now started spewing hateful comments on his post.

Realizing that her tweet took a fateful turn, she reached out to the boy personally to check if he was okay. She even urged netizens to not bully him on his social media.

“Guys, he’s young and not at fault. I didn’t mind with his post, it was a light banter. It’s not nice for you to harass him on IG,” her follow-up tweet read.

She then posted pictures taken with the boy with her car parked in the background. “I had to check up on him because you guys criticized him, I started it anyways. He’s a good kid,” she advised the people of the internet.

It was commendable of her to defend the teen but the bigger message here is to remember to take the things we come across on social media with a pinch of salt.


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