Too expensive to buy one, tech developer creates real-time translator to overcome language barrier at work

Credit: Twitter (L), Instagram (R)

Modern-day problems require modern-day solutions. 

When Roshen Maghhan was working in a software development company, he felt the impact of language barriers. His company would have meetings every morning, in which most of the conversations were in Mandarin.

They would speak in English when he requests them to, but eventually, go back to speaking in Mandarin. That’s when he whipped up this unbelievable idea. Roshen recalled the Google Pixel Buds that facilitates real-time language translations.

He knew buying it would burn a big hole in his pocket, so he decided to make his own. Just like that!

He shared the process on his Twitter with a detailed explanation of the parts and functions.

Using the Google Pixel Buds’ hardware information, Google Translate API, voice synthesizer and a regular pair of earphones with microphone, he started his little tech project. The result was an impressive web-based translator that could work on every operating system and platforms.

Roshen even developed and added the voice diarisation feature to recognize and differentiate voices using algorithms, which is then turned into a transcript, making it inclusive for deaf people to use the program.

If you think it stops right there, you’re wrong. The genius developer went a step ahead and installed machine learning option to make it more informative. What this does is as the conversation is being recorded, each and every word is checked and if a word is identified as a topic, it gets highlighted.

“And when you click the highlighted word, it’ll give you information about that topic,” explains Roshen in his thread.


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Roshen’s translator is able to work on any wired or wireless earphones, as long as a microphone is included in it. How cool is that!

Now that is how you handle a problem like a boss!


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