Her father can’t afford to send her to school, but that doesn’t stop this girl from focusing on her studies

Credit: Twitter

There are so many people out there who have it far worse than we do, who can’t even afford basic necessities to live their day by. Such a heart-wrenching story was shared by Miss Asfaridah Umar on her Twitter page.

Asfaridah works in the welfare department. Her day-to-day job involves her visiting the houses of the less fortunate and inquire about their conditions to enable them to receive funds from the government.

Currently, she’s handling the case of a family of a single father and 3 siblings.

The eldest child is a 17-year-old girl whose hardwork and determination has moved the social worker to tears.

Credit: Twitter/Asfaridah Umar

The girl, despite not being able to go to school, is diligently preparing for her public exam that will start in the next few weeks.

Credit: Twitter/Asfaridah Umar

She was previously attending school but had to stop because her father couldn’t afford to pay for the car’s petrol to send her to school.

She tried walking to her classes, but it was too far a distance to tread on foot. Nevertheless, her hope remains undeterred. She even has a study timetable prepared that she strictly follows everyday.

Asfaridah says that the girl is very disciplined and well-mannered. She never misses her prayers or her study schedule. She has a disabled sibling whom needs attention and care.

Credit: Twitter/Asfaridah Umar

Her father used to work on the shore and earned handsomely, but since his wife’s passing, he had to quit his rewarding job and tend to his kids at home. Now, he just works as a mechanic and earns about U$120 monthly.

The girl is unsure if she’ll be able to sit for her exam, but we hope her determination and strong faith will work a miracle on her.

When our problems seem far too burdensome, all we have to do is look up at the sky and realize the world is much bigger than we think it is.


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