It has been 18 months but this Greek Hachiko refuses to leave this spot so the locals did something about it

Credit: YouTube

When Harris died 18 months ago in a fatal car crash, the local community of Nafpaktos, Greece was taken by grief and shock for two reasons. Firstly, Harris’ brother died on the exact spot too and secondly, the sudden appearance of a white Terrier dog at the crash spot.

Credit: YouTube/Nafpaktianews Web TV

It turns out that the dog belonged to Harris, and after his passing, the loyal companion had found his way to his owner’s last place on Earth. Locals are unsure how the small-sized canine found the exact spot, considering Harris’ house was seven and a half miles away from the place of accident.

The dog has been returning to his owner’s shrine for one and a half years now, refusing to leave even when the people there tried to move him and find him a new family. His grief and love trumped their efforts that they eventually stopped trying.

Instead, they built him a comfortable little shelter by the roadside, next to his owner’s shrine.

Credit: YouTube/Nafpaktianews Web TV

Occasionally, they brought him food and water to ensure he stays healthy and hydrated, writes Bored Panda.

Vehicles that pass by the Old Ring Road to the River Evinos will surely catch a sight of the fluffy dog sitting alone by the side of a makeshift kennel, looking away into the distance, awaiting his best friend to return.

Credit: YouTube/Nafpaktianews Web TV

The pup’s story of loyalty became the talk of the town that he was known as the ‘Greek Hachiko’, after the legendary Akita who shares a similar story.

Though this is not the first touching story that involves a man and his best friend, it certainly won’t be the last. As long as there are dogs on Earth, we will continue to be marveled with their undying loyalty.

Time and time again, we are reminded of the extent of loyalty dogs can contain and show to us human beings.


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