This duck automatically laughs when it gets poked with a finger


This duck is certainly a one-of-a-kind laugh machine! All that is needed to make the duck laugh is just one poke at its breast and it laughs!

While it is common to see some people laugh when they get tickled, not many know if animals like ducks find it hard to not laugh when someone pokes them.

However, it seems like ducks, too, can giggle when their breast gets tickled or in this hilarious video, get poked.

At the beginning of the video, the duck appears all calm and relaxed but wait until it gets poked in the breast

Credit: YouTube

Like a machine, the duck instantly laughs as if there was a button hidden in between its feathers!

Credit: YouTube

Just as when the finger moves away, the duck stops laughing as if nothing happened!

Credit: YouTube

Watch how the duck responds when it gets a poke in the breast here


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