Boy cries at the sight of his lifeless mother who fell victim to a fatal hit-and-run


At such a very young age, a young boy from Indonesia is forced to live without his mother after the mother fell victim to a fatal hit-and-run. 

The young boy whose photo has been widely circulating on social media recently can be seen wailing over the death of his mother at a hospital at Makassar in Indonesian province, South Sulawesi.

According to Instagram account @makassar_iinfo which shared the heartbreaking photos of the boy, the boy’s deceased mother, Lina, worked as a cleaner at the Tanjung Bunga Metro in Makassar

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Ibu..tiap hari aku menemanimu bekerja,sy TDK pernah lelah untk menyemangatimu yg bekerja mulai pagi hingga sore hari..kau tak pernah mengenal lelah membersihkan kota ini dari segilintir orang2 yg blm sadar akan kebersihan. IBU..kini kau pergi untk selamanya IBU..kini kau jauh dari kami bersaudara IBU..tiada lagi canda tawamu Rasa lelahmu telah hilang karna Allah lbh sayang kepadamu.. akan ingat nasehat2mu untk menjadi orang yg berguna dan belajar yg sungguh.. IBU kami rindu … . Korban bernama LINA..adalh korban tabrak, beliau tetangga kami sekaligus satu profesi menjadi PETUGAS KEBERSIHAN,beliau ini sering d temani anaknya yg masih kecil sambil duduk d trotoar sambil menunggu ibunya yg bekerja di area tanjung bunga metro dan meninggalkan 2 orang anak.. . Innalillahi wainnailaihi rojiun..kami SATGAS KEBERSIHAN PANTAI LOSARI turut berduka sedalam dalmnya.. . Foto : Edhy Rala

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She was always accompanied by her young son who would sit on the sidewalk as he waited for his mother to finish her duties for the day.

“The boy has a sibling who also has been orphaned after this incident,” the account wrote.

It is unknown if the boy and his sibling are now under the care of their relatives or that they are sent to an orphanage following their mother’s death.

It must have been devastating and tragic news to the boy who realized that he had lost his mother for good when he saw his mother’s lifeless body was covered by a white cloth at the hospital

No relief or words of sympathy that could relieve the pain he felt for losing his mother at a young age.

This is also a reminder for us to appreciate our loved ones while they are still alive. We never know when the last goodbye is.


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