Baby wakes up smiling at parents after falling into a coma for 5 days


Michael was only three months old when he suddenly collapsed and his father had to perform a CPR on him. Nevertheless, the baby proves to everyone just how strong his desire is to survive.

At the tender age of just three months, Michael suddenly had a cardiac arrest which prompted his father to perform CPR on him and rushed him to the hospital.

Fortunately, he was among the few 7 percent of babies who survived a cardiac arrest outside of the hospital

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Unfortunately, he was later diagnosed with a rare form of cardiac fibroma and fell into a coma

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Michael’s parents, Stuart and Emma Labuschagne were desperate for him to wake up. Luckily, their prayers were answered when Michael woke up from a coma five days later.

As if to assure that he still had a fighting spirit left in him, Michael showed a bright smile to his parents when he woke up for the first time after he fell into a coma!

Credit: Bristol Live

However, they were surprised by another bad news as Michael could only undergo an operation in the United States to remove his tumour since no hospitals in the United Kingdom could carry out the surgery

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Due to the rarity of the heart tumour which only a few people were diagnosed before, there was no operation available in the United Kingdom so the couple had to go to Boston.

Stuart and Emma Labuschagne then set up a fundraising page for their baby son, Michael and set an ambitious goal of £120,000 (US$154,503) on GoFundMe to cover the trip to Boston and the operation cost

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Thankfully, they managed to raise £60,000 (US$77,000) in just a few weeks after their heartbreaking ordeal moved the hearts of the people of Bristol.

The funds later quickly jumped to £100,000 (US$128,753) overnight after it caught the attention of football fans including French professional footballer, Han-Noah Massengo who donated £400 (US$515)

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When Massengo’s donation was made public by Bristol Live on Sunday, the total of the donations was at £55,000 (US$70,814).

By Monday, the total dramatically jumped to £153,000 (US$196,992)!

The total of the donations will help Baby Michael to undergo an operation at Boston Children’s Hospital to remove the rare tumour.

As for Baby Michael’s mother, Emma, she said that their family was “overwhelmed” by the generosity of many people who helped raise funds for Michael’s operation

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“We are completely overwhelmed with the love and support we have been shown,” she said.

“Thank you so much guys, from the bottom of our hearts! Nothing could have ever prepared us for this incredible response.


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