Student from China caught deliberately spitting into an apartment’s pool twice in Malaysia


The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently raised the global COVID-19 risk to its highest level, as cases surged in three hot spots outside China, which are quickly spreading the virus to other countries such as Italy, Korea, Japan and with many more—such as Nigeria and Mexico—reporting their first cases.

It is common knowledge that we all should take care of personal hygiene during the outbreak. However, just recently, a university student from China was caught publicly spitting into a swimming pool in an apartment in Malaysia.

The incident was shared to a local news portal by a concerned citizen with undisclosed identity. According to the person’s statement, the woman is believed to be a Chinese national studying at a local university who lives in that apartment in case.

During the time of the incident, she was roaming around the pool, which was empty and there was nobody around. After a while, she proceeded to spit her saliva into the pool.

Fortunately, a guard noticed her and requested her to leave the place, which she initially did, before returning with a bottle of water which she bought from a convenience store nearby.

The woman then spit into the bottle and poured the content into the swimming pool. The security guard caught her in action again and confronted her, to which she showed no response.

He later chased her away from the pool and made sure she never came back. Apparently, the woman’s act was deliberate as she also did the same with the kids’ pool.

The netizen who shared this also recorded the incident, which was included in the news portal and it was pretty evident that the woman was doing it on purpose. However, it didn’t seem like she was influenced by intoxication or anything of the sort.

Though it’s unclear what her motive behind the irresponsible deed was, locals are condemning her and fear a potential spread of infection if the pool were to be used by the apartment’s residents.

Malaysia has recorded 25 confirmed cases of Covid-19 so far as of March 1, out of which 20 has been successfully treated to good health. While this is a victory, they are also making sure the safety procedures and detection methods are adhered to the dot to prevent further complications.


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