Owners urged people to lookout for pets after their cat found dead while biting electric wires


We all know that cats are very playful and love to play around with practically everything around them. They can play with a ball, our feet, and even wires, but little did we know that some of these might bring harm to our furry friends.

When we think that our pets are out and about having fun with ball and wires, these pet owners had the shock of their life when their cat suddenly found dead – with an electric wire in between its teeth.

In the several photos that recently went viral, the cat was seen lying on the ground just moments after it had died. As it can clearly be seen in the picture, the electric wire didn’t get all around the cat’s body for the possibility of the cat getting choked by the wire.

The cat was seen lying on the floor.

Credit: Facebook

Hence, it is believed that the cat has been electrocuted while playing with the electric wire. Along with the photos, there are captions reminding all of the pet owners to pay extra attention to their pets as they can differentiate whether the things they’re playing with are dangerous or not.

The cat must have been electrocuted while playing with the wire.

Credit: Facebook

“Guys, keep an eye on your pet cats if you really love them. They only know how to play. This cat had an electric shock because it bit the wire.”

Credit: Facebook

Poor kitty! This reminds all of us to always beware of the surrounding of our house when we have pets and always make sure to keep all the dangerous wires out of their sight.


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