Since the first COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, most of us have been indoors for basically months. As the lockdown and Movement Control Order (MCO) take place in most countries, most offices, shops and malls have not been operating for weeks and months.

As for Malaysia, the country recently implemented the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO) after two months of lockdown, where malls and offices can finally operate again under a restricted condition.

As the mall finally reopening again, a man can’t hide his happiness to meet the outside world again and rushed to one of the mall located in Sabah only to find out that the leather products on display were in severe condition. All of the leather products such as shoes, bags, belts and even the waiting chairs grow moldy!

Look at all these pictures he shared on his Facebook account:

1. Look at the mold situation on these wallets.

2. That’s clearly more than just one species of mold going on here.

3. Belts can’t run from the mold.

4. What is even the real color of these bags?

5. The mold didn’t miss out to grow on the chair too.

6. No goods can escape the mold attack.

7. This one looks almost like polka dots.

8. This one looks almost like polka dots.

9. Being expensive didn’t mean the bag won’t grow mold, just look at this bag.

10. Same goes to branded shoes, the mold is here for everyone.

Some speculate that the moisture accumulating in the air when the air-cond was switched off during the lockdown is likely to be the cause.

So many goods were affected and they might not fit for sale anymore. Hopefully, things will get better very soon!


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