The once street kitten has the stunning emerald eyes that keep the owner lucky


@wildcatfiona may have more than 100,000 followers on Instagram, but it took a leap of faith from a kind person to adopt the cat years ago. Since the, Fiona’s life has been nothing but amazing.

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Bow down to QUEEN FIFI™️ 👸🐱

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When the milky brown-greyish cat was first adopted, she didn’t look any different than a regular cat. In fact, she  was quite skinny and looked unkept.

She was a stray, wandering around aimlessly on the streets when finally her owner decided to provide her a loving home.

With undivided tender, love and care, Fiona grew up to become a healthy cat, with fluffy fur and antics that would cheer anyone up. Most importantly, her eyes transformed into two mesmerizing pools of jade and blue.

They were sparkly and vibrant, looking like vivid galaxies that will surely hypnotize anyone looking into them. They shone different hues of blue, green and all shades in between, depending on the intensity of the light reflected on them.

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Double tap this beautiful pic for good luck 🍀❤️

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The cheeky cat probably knows she’s special. One of the reasons she gained a large following on social media is because of her natural way with cameras.

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A little baby Fifi #tbt 🐱😌❤️

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The feline is extremely photogenic and has grown comfortable to posing for the lens. Every time her owner pulls the phone out, she twists and turns her body around like a supermodel, totally being in her element.

She pauses once she has found the right angle, what’s left is to press the shutter button and let the photo do the magic.

Unlike other cats that generally prefer to be left alone, Fiona is attached dearly to her owner. She is clingy and enjoys chin rubs and cuddles at any given time!

In most of her Instagram pictures, Fiona looks like an angel brought down from cat heaven to cheer humans up with her magical eyes.

Who thought a stray cat would turn out to be a charming internet sensation. All they need is a loving home and proper care and nourishment.


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