This tortoise loves to play soccer with its dog best friend


Tortoises usually move slowly and has a very long lifespan up to 120 years old because their slow metabolisms burn less energy, which means less harm to the cells in their bodies.

But not for this tortoise in the viral video. It’s moving pretty fast to catch a soccer ball with its dog best friend.

Tortoises have more rounded and domed shells. As compared to turtles, tortoises stay on the land and not aquatic as turtles.

In the one minute long viral video, we can see the tortoise is chasing the soccer ball together with a dog, and it seems that the tortoise is on the winning side.

We rarely see a tortoise that is so active and playful. They are actually very talented in sports.

What most surprising is, this tortoise likes to play with other species and it seemed to enjoy the playful moment!

Some says that this tortoise could have mistaken the ball as its tortoise friend because the ball has similar surface like its shell.

If you feel bored in the coming weekend, why not learn from this tortoise and choose an active lifestyle?


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