Dog Formations on Clouds; Owners See “Familiar Figure” And Are Moved to Tears


All dogs go to Heaven.

Everyone goes through the experience of losing someone they love, and as we get older, we all realize that going through life with our friends and relatives passing away is just a normal phase. Everybody knows that someday we will all be reunited again in another world. The question is, what about dogs? If we all believe that a loved one goes straight to Heaven when they pass, I do believe that dogs will do the same, too.

Most families like keeping memories of their family members that passed, a remembrance that will forever be in their hearts and minds. For some people, they believe that their souls pass to another form, like a father who died and turned into a bird to visit his family back home. Others say that the flowers planted at home had suddenly bloomed early, as if to tell them, “I’m fine. You don’t have to worry about me.” But in this case, dog owners have shared photos of clouds shaped like dogs, believing that their furry babies have made themselves felt that they are okay in Heaven.

This picture was taken in a tropical seaside town. Late afternoon, when the sky turned into an orange light of the sunset, a dog sitting on the ground suddenly appeared in the distant clouds.

A man who took some of these pictures is convinced that his dog became an angel, and in some way looks after and comforts its master: “When she was still alive, she loved to eat delicious food here in the house and run on the grass outside!”

Clouds form different shapes, and none of them are usually the same. Each formation is unique, and some people believe they see “signs” by looking at the shape of the clouds.

“Mommy, I’m doing well now, I’m not hurting anymore. I am very happy, so don’t cry for me anymore, okay?”

For some dog owners, seeing their pooch on a cloud formation makes it less unbearable with the loss of their beloved pet they have considered part of the family. Some of them believe they will be together again someday.

“I’ll always be there for you.”

“Mommy, can you hear me calling you? Come and play “catch” with me!”

Many people call their dogs their “children,” only they have more hair than any of us. They are often perky and high-spirited, and just like our own family, these hairy bundles of joy accompany us each day and give us happiness.

Hence, when these loving “hairy children” pass, everyone believes they become angels in Heaven and make themselves felt through different forms in the sky. Seeing these photos can give comfort and strength to the master and look forward to the day when they meet again.

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