Cat Has Been Missing for Half a Year; The Master was Shocked to See the Size of His Cat When It Came Back


For people who have been keeping a pet for so long, the loss of that animal will definitely bring extreme grief. Full breed or otherwise, it has become a habit for us to treat animals like our own family by providing food and comfortable shelter.

In the case of a pet that goes missing without a trace, every owner certainly expects the best for the animal on its own, while trying their best in doing a search mission for the missing animal. Usually, stray animals on the streets have to struggle to find their own food in addition to living in uncomfortable areas on their own without the care of humans.

Thus, most street animals tend to be skinny, dirty, diseases on their skin, among others. But not for this cat who has been away for almost half a year from his master.

After months of separation, the man managed to reunite with his beloved cat. However, the new appearance of his cat made him really shocked, and could not believe what had happened to him during his stay on the street.

According to the animal welfare center, the cat was found living behind a restaurant. However, the restaurant owner decided to upload a picture of the cat on social media in hopes of finding its owner.

Soon enough, a man came to the animal welfare center to find his cat who had been missing for the past few months. How surprised he was when he saw the condition of the cat and the man remained stunned for a moment, staring at the animal.

According to him, the cat has similar characteristics and patterns to his but the difference is that it looks much larger. The man then started to call the name of his pet cat, which was Sunai, and immediately, the chubby cat looked up and stared right into the eyes of its owner.

The man was finally convinced that the cat was his missing pet cat. However, he was very surprised to see the change in its size, which is said to have increased by about 4kg.!

Apparently, the man too was found to have lost himself while renovating his home. At that time, the whole family tried to find the cat everywhere when he went missing but failed. Unexpectedly, the cat has made it to the back alley of a restaurant as a temporary home after he lost his way.

Initially, the cook at the restaurant allowed the cat to stay in his kitchen to eliminate rats in the area. However, the cat stole seafood from the kitchen and this made the cook decide to send it to the animal welfare center.


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