A Woman Leaves Her High-Paying Job and Uses Her Entire Savings to Buy a Dry Area of Land, 13 Years Later It Looks Like a Place from a Fairy Tale


When our hair has grown gray and our children have grown up and lived their lives away from home, have you ever thought about life at an old age? After a long stay in the city, some elderly people will dream of being close to nature, always wanting to live a quiet, beautiful life in seclusion.

Tamsin Carvan’s family truly lived in the ‘garden of paradise’, with flowers and plants as neighbors, and livestock as friends, enjoying Nature’s most peaceful life.

Harvesting fresh vegetables in the morning, and watching the cows grazing casually as the sun goes down. In this way, the days are spent more relaxed and peacefully.

There are a lot more fresh vegetables grown, and these freshest ingredients are used to make the most delicious food.

After dinner, you can take a walk outdoors. On a day where the fog or light is shrouded in shadow, you will feel like you have stepped into the fairy tale land of Oz.

The once dry land is now full of vegetation, and this vibrant green space is the result of 13 years of hard work by the Carvan family.

Originally just the dry land she purchased, Carvan’s life was also very ordinary.

At the age of 27, she lived the life of an average person, working for a decent salary in a well-known advertising company.

A seemingly crazy decision changed everything. She used up all her savings and purchased about 140,000 square meters of land in Poowong, Australia.

This decision seemed absurd, but Carvan’s has made up her mind.

“Sometimes I thought, what about our lives? I just rushed forward until I turned around one day and suddenly realized that along the way, I was against my original intention,” Carvan said.

Now that Carvan is 43 years old, looking back on her life 13 years ago, she says, “I think I got off at the wrong station, but I still don’t know where the right station is.”

With a farm as a companion, a garden full of flowers, and enjoying life to the fullest, of course, a comfortable house is needed. For home design, Carvan also thought a lot about it.

In addition to comfort, Carvan also adheres to the concept of environmental protection. She also turns trash into treasure, recycles waste from building materials, redesigning it into what she wants. Gradually, she was able to make her own furniture.

Flowers and plants adorn everywhere in the land, reflecting the scenery outside the window beautifully and gracefully.

Simple and bright, calm and elegant, although contrasting with plain colors, the design does not lose its warmth.

Retro chandeliers, warm fire, the place is the whole family’s happiness and relaxation.

The kitchen utensils are all neatly arranged, taking up enough space, though the place also appears elegant.

Bright windows, simple tables, knowledge, and great views put to good use.

A bunch of red flowers placed in the corner of the wall gives the room a little life.

The wooden mirror has a light design and the touch of pink flowers is even prettier among the plain colors.

Under the large window, the bathroom is clean and tidy. When the night falls, you can take a moonlight bath.

Pink-colored wall, pink bed linen, warm and comfortable.

Simple and straightforward, the style is often with accent in the wardrobe beside the bed.

There are many things in life we can enjoy, and that kind of life comes from simple things that come to mind.

“I am very grateful because 13 years ago I still had the courage to pursue simple life again.” Until now, Carvan is still indescribably happy.

Busy in the rice fields, planting grass, trees, various fruits, and vegetables, this may seem ordinary, but there is harvest every day.

Harvested vegetables are made into a healthy and delicious meal, and the whole family can enjoy them sufficiently, what could be more satisfying than this!

After the harvest season, an endless supply of melons, fruits, and fresh milk is made into jam and cheese by Carvan.

Many windows open to happiness, the important thing is, which one would you choose? The metropolis has the prosperity of the people downtown, and the beautiful and poetic life in the countryside.

Carvan made a bold decision 13 years before and reaped the joys of life afterward, however, every happiness requires a precise decision.

Go and open your window of happiness! Time will not disappoint any courage, determination, and hard work.


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