Luxury Camping Tent with 5 Bedrooms and 1 Living Room; Pentagon-shaped Tent Can Fit 20 People Inside


You need to be prepared when going out camping. Tents, sleeping bags, and other essential items must not be missing! TikTok user @arianalee99 shared her camping experience. She and her friends prepared a super luxurious 5-bedroom and 1 living-room villa tent. This super luxurious tent is like a mobile mansion in the wild.

There are 5 sleeping rooms and 1 living room in total. It has a large space of 26 square meters, which makes it super luxurious. It’s so cool!

▼The luxury tent is not the ordinary “one-bedroom and one-living room” structured for common camping, but a five-bedroom and one-living room, which can accommodate 20 people! It is very spacious, and each sleeping space can accommodate a big sleeping mat. Thirteen windows ensure ventilation and light, and it will not feel hot and humid during the summer. There are also some storage bags in the tent, which are convenient for keeping some small objects.

▼When you go camping with friends or the whole family, this villa tent is a great choice. It is like a mansion in the wild. It builds its own fortress outdoors. It is very comfortable and safe to live in. However, the price of such a luxurious tent is not cheap. The price is $379 USD (about NT$10,713) at Walmart.

For more photos of the Ozark Trail Hazel Creek 20-Person Star Tent with Screen Room, watch the video on @arianalee99’s TikTok page.


I saw this tent on tiktok and had to get it !

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Video credit: @arianalee99/TikTok

The villa tent looks high-class and the space is very large. A common tent is enough for family outings, but this kind of is heavier and not suitable for every camp area. It is best to choose a camp area with a large lawn and avoid forest camping areas. You can consider whether to use a large or small tent according to your camping habits. If you are a novice, don’t make a rushed decision. Camp a few times to understand what is best according to your needs!

Enjoy the great outdoors! Go camping!


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