With a Single Bullet, a Grandmother Shot and Killed a 4-meter-long Crocodile that Ate Her Pet


One day, a loving pet was eaten by a wild crocodile. Then a grandmother killed the wild animal with just one shot of her rifle.

Judy Cochran in her 70’s, living in Texas, USA, shot a crocodile about 4m in length and weighing about 263kg with a single bullet.

Grandmother Judy, who runs her family ranch near a river, lost her miniature horse three years ago, her companion animal whom she had raised with love.

A huge crocodile wandered by the river near the vicinity, where her mini horse has disappeared, and opened its seat.

The miniature horses the grandmother raised are still unfamiliar animals in the Asian region but are loved as companion animals in foreign countries.

This is because even when they grow up, they are only 86cm. in height, are gentle and smart, and have a long life expectancy of 3 to 40 years.

When Judy lost the horse that she thought would live with her for a long time, in her grief, calmly committed her revenge.

She has obtained certifications such as a hunting permit and studied hunting skills.

In Texas, where the grandmother lives, alligator hunting is legal, but only 20 days of a year are allowed.

The grandmother carefully prepared for such legal revenge, though three years have passed.

Not long ago, the grandmother finally ran into the same crocodile after waiting for years. It was the legal period for hunting.

Judy calmly aimed her gun at the crocodile head and pulled the trigger. Luckily, the crocodile died on the spot. A single bullet shot by the grandmother was precisely aimed at the crocodile.

“The crocodile’s head will be stuffed, the leather will be made of boots, and the meat will be trimmed and eaten,” the grandmother reportedly said.‎

Here are some videos you may view on Judy’s revenge on the crocodile.

Courtesy of CBS 17/YouTube

Here’s a longer version:

Courtesy of KPRC 2 Click2Houston/YouTube

Beware, the grandmother crocodile hunter!


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