Lunita, a Disabled Dog with a Wheelchair Was Abandoned in the Middle of the Street. This is Her Story.


Some stories touch our hearts, and this is one of them, a story that will fill our eyes with tears mixed with sadness and happiness as we see how the wish of Lunita was fulfilled, a beautiful disabled dog with white fur who was abandoned a few years ago in Argentina.

In the early morning of May 12, 2014, Lunita was left under the scorching heat of the sun, chained to the fence of a hair salon located on Zabala street, in the community of Salta.

Lunita was lying face down on the sidewalk. She had a dilapidated wheelchair placed on her lower body, and next to her was a pack of diapers and a note indicating her name and age, the person who had left her there also explained that it was not her owner and could not keep it.

The store clerk who saw her plight contacted the rescue organization “Lu.B.A Salta” right away and two of their volunteers came looking for Lunita.

When the rescuers arrived, they were touched by what they have discovered; a disabled dog, with no food or water, was wearing a flooded diaper and a look that begged for help. She seemed very weak and scared, and the neighbors say that she was so stunned by the noises and strange people that she almost forced herself to walk in her eagerness to escape.

Fortunately, good people were there and help has arrived, and she was taken to the shelter.

The news spread and an American family was willing to adopt her, and Lunita had managed to travel. However, her adoptive family was not well-informed about caring for a disabled dog, causing Lunita to develop a serious urinary tract infection.

She was diagnosed with a very severe staphylococcal infection, as a consequence of mite infestation (Mange). Infection, scabies, and burnt wounds from her urine caused her to lose all hair from the waist down, including her tail. She suffered a lot, with 15 kilograms she was underweight.

Lunita was sent to a loving new adoptive family in another state – it took a lot of effort, constant vet visits, and lots of medication. Thanks to her will to live and the care she received, she managed to recover, in addition to reaching a healthy weight of 25 kilograms.

However, due to her disability, she required medical treatment that meant a high monthly cost. She never lacked anything, since she had a fund of money raised that was used to cover her needs. Lunita would not have come this far without the generosity of people who made donations and the collaboration of sponsors who immediately wanted to help change Lunita’s life.

The family that adopted her was perfect. Since then she has known true happiness and lived surrounded by love. The celebration of her eleventh birthday on June 15, 2018, was quite an event. Only no one imagined what would happen shortly.

People from all over the world who had fallen in love with her story wanted to congratulate her that day, filling Lunita’s Wish Facebook page with messages and greetings.

Lunita’s life journey has been uphill, even with her disability she overcame every obstacle that seemed hopeless. Lunita never gave up.

Lunita did not lack fun outdoor walks.

Shortly after she turned 11-years-old, her physical condition began to deteriorate, and she had to be confined to the intensive care unit (ICU) to be treated.

The owner announced that she was very sad, Lunita was gone forever. She passed away on July 8.

She expressed on Facebook that they were devastated and she couldn’t stop crying.

“I feel like a part of my soul is dead. I’ll never forget her and how much she meant to me. She changed my life forever. I loved her very much.”‎

She took the opportunity to express her appreciation to each person who prayed and donated to help Lunita.

Courtesy of Rumble
Courtesy of Animal Shelters Near Me/YouTube

Together with her family, she could have and be what every dog has always deserved. She spent her last years surrounded by immense love.

Adopting a disabled cat or dog will fill your soul with love and gratitude. The memory of this wonderful dog will live forever in our hearts.

R.I.P., Lunita.


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