A Mother in Taiwan Gives Her Son an “Old Man” Haircut For Him Not to Go Out Due to the Pandemic


Parents are finding it difficult to keep their children at home during the pandemic, so some of them are finding creative ways to keep the children indoors. Some of the children don’t even follow protocols of wearing a face mask or practice social distancing so a mother took desperate measures to keep his son home.

While many parents are busy creating indoor activities for the children to keep occupied with during this time of the pandemic, a mother decided to give her 15-year-old son a haircut that would make him WANT TO stay at home for quite some time.

According to a report on ET Today, a mother from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, took her son to a barbershop and told the hairdresser to give him a haircut that will make him “stay home” during the pandemic.

They both initially decided to give him the COVID-19 hairstyle, as shared by the barber on 東森新聞CH51 YouTube video, but the mother opted against it on second thought fearing that his son would still go out and see his friends to show off his new haircut.

In the end, they both finally decided to give him the ‘old-man-receding-hairline’ cut.

So, the barber shaved off the entire top of the boy’s head, leaving only the hair at the left, right, and back part of his head, making him look like an elderly man.

When the hairstylist finished the job and took photos of the ‘final hairstyle’, the boy apparently burst out and shouted, “I don’t want to go out anymore!”

The barber shared the photos on a Facebook group page, 高雄五甲大小事 (Kaohsiung five A size things), but the admins took the post down after a few days.

Although many people have managed to recover from COVID-19, his mother still wanted to keep him safe and stay indoors. Eventually, his hair will grow back.

We sincerely hope that everyone around the world stays safe throughout this time of the pandemic.

Stay home and keep safe, everyone!

Courtesy of 東森新聞 CH51/YouTube


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