“Chicken, take care of yourself.” The Boy Who Cried Chicken When His Pet was Taken Away


Experts explain that children who grow up with pets are typically more sensitive, loving, and caring towards others. Growing up with animals makes them quite interesting and exciting, in fact, they also build meaningful bonds with pets.

Recently, a video showed a 6-year-old boy who had to face a sad moment in his life.

The boy had to watch his chickens being brought by a truck to be slaughtered for food.

It was not an easy situation for a child as young as he, where he who hails from Sikkim, India, had to part with his beloved pet chicken.

He was told that his chicken would be returned to him. Yet, as soon as he was told his chicken was going to be food, he gasped.

Then the boy sat down and cried sadly upon hearing the fate of his beloved chicken. “I want my chicken back,” he said.

The boy also felt sad to see the condition of his chickens crowded on the truck. “I am no longer happy. Chicken, bye-bye .. “, said the loving boy. What a pity!

He then asked his chicken, “What happened to you?”, As a chicken was sticking out its tongue. After that, he asked that the chicken no longer stick out its tongue.

How pure is the heart of a child filled with love even if it was towards animals? It helps to open our eyes.

Although still a year old, he has a very sincere love for his chickens. May he continue to grow into the empathetic and loving human being he should be.

You can watch the video here via Facebook Watch. Or via YouTube below:

Courtesy of Brut India/YouTube


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