A Lynx Adopts 2 Unfortunate Kittens Abandoned at the Zoo and Becomes a Loving Mother to Them


Many people are unable to resist the cuteness of a cat, stray or otherwise. Who would have thought that they also have a ‘powerful’ charm to dominate us all.

Just like this cute kittens…

Unfortunately, one morning, the two kittens were left in a box in front of the Siberian zoo and were found by a staff member.

One was orange, and the other, grey. And two of them are tabby cats.

They were left without any food or drink in the box making the staff feel sorry and sympathetic.

However, the zoo policy states that they do not allow domestic animals to be kept at the zoo. The staff thought this a dilemma.

The process of finding a new home and owner for them is not easy, and it is usually time-consuming. So, they came up with a solution to give the two kittens a new ‘mother’ since a female cat of the ‘lynx’ breed lives in the zoo.

Their (new) mother’s face may look fierce, but in fact, the lynx breed of cat is actually very loving.

As soon as the mother lynx saw the kittens, the female cat immediately rubbed her body on them. A feline gesture to ‘mark’ them with the scent.

Credits to: siberian_zoo/Instagram
Courtesy of: BazPaws/YouTube


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