This Chinese Family Decided to Workout Together to Live a Healthy Lifestyle; 6 Months Later They Are Almost Unrecognizable!


When you’re trying to get to your ideal weight, it’s best if you can get support from your friends and family. Better yet, let your family join you in your workout adventure and live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Jesse is a 32-year-old photographer from China, and recently he took to Instagram to share some awesome “before and after” photos of his family fitness journey.

This might just encourage all of us to put on some sneakers and hit the gym with our loved ones!

Jesse’s goal is to make himself and his family healthy, which began when Jesse’s mother decided to live with him and his pregnant wife.

He then decided to get his dad to live with them, too, creating a loving family and helping their new baby to the fullest.

After Jesse’s father moved in, it became clearer that he had developed some really unhealthy habits living by himself.

He drank too much, and his stomach proved it! So Jesse enlisted the whole family and suggested that they adjust to a healthy life.

The family started walking together. Soon, they went to the gym regularly and watched their progress by taking pictures every ten days.

Their challenge was supposed to last for six months, from March to September… but now they are living an active and healthy lifestyle!

At first, they started walking briskly, which gradually turned to jogging. By adding more and more exercise, they started going to the gym. In addition, they recorded the results by measuring their bodies which changed every 10 days.

Jesse explained on Facebook that the best part of the process is developing six-pack abs. Also, watching his father find his passion for life and regain the confidence he had lost.

What an inspiring story! Please share this story to be motivated to live a healthy life with your loved ones.


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