Fans of Squid Game Discover the Giant Creepy Doll’s Location in South Korea; Museum Decided to Take It Down


WARNING: May contain spoilers from the series. The creepy giant doll that can be seen in the first episode of NetFlix’s hit series, Squid Game, is not only a prop. It actually exists in a park in South Korea and different parts of the world.

According to Koreaboo, people who are familiar with the series have found out the real location of the giant doll seen in the first episode of Squid Game entitled ‘Red Light, Green Light’. Citizens around the area have seen the creepy figure that can be found in a carriage museum and park in Jincheon County, South Korea.

It was assumed that the giant doll was borrowed by the series’ production team and later returned to Jincheon Carriage Museum, also known as Macha Land, after filming.

Unfortunately, it seems that the doll’s display to promote the series is unwanted

On Monday, September 27, Jincheon Carriage Museum personnel said in an update on their website that they will stop displaying the doll at the park.

Although, according to the Korean news portal Hankook Ilbo, it was specifically the request of the doll manufacturer to keep it in storage. They manufactured the doll, especially for the show.

The company entrusted the doll to the museum for private storage after filming, but due to miscommunications, the museum kept it on display for public viewing when the series was released.

In a phone conversation with Korean Daily, the doll maker mentioned that all their items are kept in museums. Since then, Jincheon Carriage Museum wrapped up the giant doll and prepared it to be brought to storage.

Hopefully, the doll manufacturers will reconsider their decision to keep the doll on display

The doll – which detects motion and kills participants in the show – has been a worldwide icon since the success of the NetFlix series, Squid Game. It has been compared to the likes of Annabelle and Chucky.

Online photos of the giant creepy doll show that it was missing its right hand before it arrived at Jincheon Carriage Museum, which they assumed was damaged during transportation after the filming. This made the doll’s appearance creepier than ever.

Apparently, replicas of the doll were placed on display around the world by NetFlix, such as at a train station in Seoul, as well as at Robinson’s Galleria mall in the Philippines watching over pedestrians.

Credits to: Netflix Philippines @Netflix_PH/Twitter


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