Singaporean Woman Provides Back-Brushing Services to the Turtles; They Queued in Front of Her for Their Shells to be Cleaned


Even the turtles know “good health and clean shells”, and they even know that you have to wait in line! Singaporean female netizen Nur Hafiza Ariffin visited the local botanical garden a few days ago and noticed a wonderful and interesting scenery: a woman squatting by the pond holding a small brush.

At first, she thought, might she be brushing rocks? Unexpectedly, Ariffin looked closer, and it turned out that the lady was brushing the turtles’ backs!

“I saw a line of turtles in front of the lady and not just a few, but a dozen or so turtles,” Ariffin said. “It seemed that all the turtles in the pond were coming over. Each one seemed to be participating in the event, one by one. Climbing out of the pond, waiting in line for the lady to help them brush their back shells.”

Ariffin saw this heartwarming scene and captured it on video. She thought the lady wanted to help the turtles remove some of the algae moss attached to their backs, and then they seemed to like the lady’s behavior very much, and she looked happy to help.

“This scenery is really heartwarming. The turtles can’t wait to let her brush their backs. Once a turtle is done, they leave with satisfaction.”

Although the turtles’ shells do not need to be particularly cleaned, because their shells have sensory nerves, they can also feel the touch of the bristles on their backs. From their reactions, they like to be brushed. Amazed at the scenery, Ariffin said, “The lady is so popular that day. Many people were watching her.”

  • Let’s take a look at this touching video. (Click the link below the photo to watch it on Facebook.) ↓↓


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