After a Woman in Mexico Passed Away, More Than 20 Dogs Came to Bid Her a Touching Farewell


Margarita Suarez, a woman from Mexico, fed stray dogs that gathered in front of her every day when she was still in this world. She had a compassionate heart for strays, and the same dogs came to her every day until she passed.

There are almost 20 stray dogs that need to be fed and come to Margarita every day. For a group of strays that gather daily, this was quite a large number and very unusual.

Margarita not only feeds the stray dogs in front of her house, but she also feeds them if she meets them on the street.

Soon after, Margarita succumbed to illness and soon left the world.

But to the surprise of many people, there were more than 20 stray dogs who have come to see her off.

But how did the stray dogs she fed find Margarita’s new residence? Although her new home was more than 10 kilometers away from her original house, the dogs could still sense where she has moved.

When this kind-hearted woman passed, there were more than 20 stray dogs at her wake, and they were all very quiet at the place and behaved very well. The scene was heart-warming.

Maybe dogs have a secret way of sending messages to each other that humans don’t understand. Even if they do not communicate like the way humans do, they have very strong senses and they immediately know when a human has passed, especially their favorite ones. Like humans, they feel sad, are grateful, and compassionate, too. And, when they love a human, it is forever.

Rest in Paradise, Margarita Suarez.


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