A Private School Security Guard with a Strong Memory to Remember Names was Fired Due to Insufficient Funds; He was Praised by Students and Parents for Knowing Their Names 1 Week After School Began


How much effort are you willing to contribute to a job? For most people, this issue may be a matter of consideration, but for Hualien County Ming Yih Primary School security guard, Xue Ancheng, work is a manifestation of the meaning of life. Finding true value makes life better and happier.

▼It is Xue Ancheng‘s daily job to stand in front of the school gate every day at the end of classes, holding the microphone and escorting the children out of school. Xue Ancheng remembers the names and looks of more than 1,400 students and their parents clearly and even memorized the car plate number of the student being fetched. Every day, when the parents just drive through the front gate, Xue Ancheng can immediately call the student and assist them out of the school gate. Parents can also be assured of orderly assistance at the fastest speed.

▼However, during the summer vacation last year, it was reported that Ming Yih Elementary School was unable to re-appoint Xue Ancheng as the school security officer due to insufficient funds. Fortunately, Li Yuancheng, the principal of the nearby Boston Bilingual School, immediately recruited Xue Ancheng to serve as a security officer at their school. Only a few days after the new semester, Xue Ancheng has already memorized many car numbers and student names, and parents admired his accuracy.

Li Yuancheng, the principal of the Boston Bilingual School, said in an interview that Xue Ancheng is a very capable person, but he stayed in Hualien to work to take care of his parents nearby.

▼ Xue Ancheng himself said modestly that the main reason why he hoped to find a job that could take two days off a week was to do volunteer work, and then he returned to school because of a chance meeting.

“I used to spend a lot of time drinking and making money when I was young, but my days were not happier; now I escort students to and from school in my favorite job every day, and I can do more meaningful things on weekends, but my days are more fulfilling.”

Everyone’s definition of work is different. It is the best state to bring peace and prosperity to the soul while having enough food and clothing.

It’s really a great thing to do an ordinary job, and work hard to do the best, like Xue Ancheng, and have the strongest praises from parents, teachers, and students!


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