Optical Illusion 3D Art! A Graffiti Master Designs Plain Walls into Realistic Objects; Netizens Pick Their Favorites


The walls of abandoned buildings look dull, and we don’t usually pay much attention to them, let alone use them. But Portuguese artist Sergio Odeith is very good at revitalizing. He used simple spray paint to color on ordinary cement walls, and soon he was able to create super-realistic 3D street graffiti.

His highly realistic works are popular all over the Internet, and his painting skills are also highly praised.

Sergio Odeith often shares his work on Instagram. As a well-known street artist, he now has nearly 804,000 followers.

▼He once posted a photo of a concrete wall on Instagram, asking people what kind of graffiti they want him to create. Fans wrote a lot of suggestions, but Sergio created other than what they commented. He has a lot of creative ideas that can bring surprises to people.

▼He turned the crude cement block into an old abandoned bus. Although we all know that this is painted, the outcome is very real.

▼The original rough cement surface has turned into a smooth round glass ball:

▼He randomly drew around the hole on the wall, making a design that looked like a children’s playground.

▼Sergio Odeith has used lines and colors to perfection, and his works are also very exciting: originally a solid cement block, how can there be a distorted space in the middle?

▼There is a huge chameleon hidden in the transformer box:

▼The cage is open, and the terrible alien monster is about to run outside:

▼The huge beetle came to earth:

▼This green light looks fantastic and mysterious:

▼A beetle is trapped in the wall:

▼Appreciate more wonderful works of Sergio Odeith:

Sergio Odeith’s graffiti style is unique. He skillfully uses designs and colors to create 3D visual effects. You will be pleasantly surprised to see such realistic art on the street!


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