A “Green Community” In Chengdu Provide The Perfect Place For Mosquitoes To Thrive


There is a very special “green community” in Chengdu. The 826 apartments here were built in 2018. There are many green plants on the balcony of the apartments, just like a beautiful garden. These apartments have been sold out a long time ago, but no one has moved in. It turns out that the designer did not consider the mosquito problem!

▼The balcony of these apartments looks like a small green garden, but because there are too many mosquitoes, few people live in the units. Only about 10 families bravely moved into their new homes.

▼These apartments are supposed to be an ecological paradise. People bought apartments because of the balcony with the garden, but so many green plants attract a lot of mosquitoes, which is very disturbing.

▼Although there are not many who moved in, the plants on the balcony are not taken care of, and several buildings in the community are about to be submerged by green plants. These plants swallowed the uninhabited apartment balcony, and the branches were shrouded in the railings, looking very desolate.

Courtesy of: South China Morning Post/YouTube

The verdant balcony is full of life, which is very attractive to urbanites living in the reinforced jungle. But these sky gardens are not as beautiful as imagined. Netizens have ridiculed: “I don’t like it! All kinds of insects and mosquitoes affect the lighting,”

“If you plant so many trees, there will be mosquitoes in the summer.”

“If the roots of the trees are too strong, will the floor seep water?”

What do you think of these green balcony apartments? If given the choice, would you move in?


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