A 19-year-old Nurse and an 89-year-old Man with Dementia Got Married in September Last Year


An 89-year-old man with dementia and a 19-year-old nurse fell in love. Their relationship was not favored by a lot of people, but Olivia Stone ignored all bashes and proudly displayed their affection for each other on the internet. As time flew by, people have discovered the dark purpose behind their marriage!

Olivia Stone from the USA, is an assistant nurse at a hospice. She was assigned to take care of 89-year-old Lee Hopkins, an elderly man with dementia. Over time, Olivia has fallen in love with the man. In her social media, she claims to be yearning for a good life, says that she is happy and satisfied, and that she is very much in love with Lee. Everyone, though, has known of these two for quite some time and has a patient-and-nurse relationship. Lee’s wife died 2 years ago, and since then has been lonely. He claims that Olivia has broken that loneliness, allowing her into his heart, and has “fallen in love” again.

Image credit: @aaron/Twitter, a hate crime doer The two married in September last year.
Image credit: @naomi/Twitter Happy couple at their wedding.
Image credit: @naomi/Twitter Olivia often tweets high-profile.

Friends have revealed! Olivia claims, “I will be the sole heir of his inheritance.”

Netizens now doubt if Olivia really fell in love with the elderly man or did she just take advantage since he has dementia and married him for his money. Though Olivia insists she has found “true love.” After the wedding in September last year, Olivia met with some friends and accidentally revealed, “When Lee Hopkins passes away, I will become the only heir to the estate.”

Image credit: @naomi/Twitter Olivia accidentally slipped up at a party with friends, stating that if Lee Hopkins died, she would be the sole heir to the estate.

Counts down daily to becoming a widow someday

Olivia often joked about Lee’s illness, and that she counts down the days every day until she becomes a widow, hoping that the elderly man would soon pass. Since she was legally married to the elderly man, she would immediately become the sole heir, if everything goes smoothly.

News of this demented wish has reached many netizens, even getting the attention of a foreign “Reddit boy” named Lian Dengzai. He was filled with rage and even threatened Olivia by shutting down Twitter someday.

Image credit: @BeansHype/Twitter (Twitter screenshot) Seriously excessive on her stories, she even became a widow every day, hoping that the other party could return to heaven as soon as possible, and she would be able to become the heir, if it goes smoothly.
Image credit: @BeansHype/Twitter (Twitter screenshot) Olivia more often flirts with different men on social media.

Money Can’t Buy Happiness. To borrow a quote from the movie Forrest Gump, “There’s only so much money a man really needs, the rest is just for showing off.”

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