A Bride on Wheelchair Surprised Her Groom by Walking Down the Aisle to Meet Him at the Altar


“Walk on a red carpet to wear the ring of happiness!” A wedding is the most celebrated occasion between a couple’s lives who want to be bonded as one for eternity. On that special day, the bride is the happiest and the most beautiful.

While a bride waits to walk the red carpet and meet her groom, she daydreams of what’s to come and imagines how her father would walk her down the aisle. This is also the moment wherein a mother and her daughter share tears of joy as she welcomes the world of marriage.

Recently, an amazing incident occurred at a wedding in California, USA. When walking on the red carpet may be very easy and exciting for many people, it is quite difficult for a wheelchair dancer named Chelsie Hill.

Chelsie, from Pacific Grove, California, was bound to a wheelchair for many years now. Although her legs are paralyzed, these did not stop Chelsie to do what she always wanted on her wedding day. She married her fiancé, Jay Bloomfield, and gave him a big surprise…

Image credits: Chelsie Hill/Instagram

29-year-old Chelsie had an accident years back as she was headed home from a high school dance. Her friend who was driving was intoxicated. As a result of the accident, Chelsie injured her spine and the lower half of her body became paralyzed. However, this did not shatter Chelsie’s motivation to continue doing what she loved, dancing.

Last month, she finally married her boyfriend of 7 years, and she planned to give him a surprise as she entered the wedding venue.

Image credits: Business.it
Image credits: Chelsie Hill/Instagram

Fortunately, her plan to surprise Jay was a complete success. Before the wedding ceremony, Chelsie wore leg braces to help her walk. During the bridal march, Chelsie walked down the aisle with her father and a walker. Upon seeing her, Jay broke into tears of happiness and surprise. This was her promise to “stand up, walk down the aisle, and complete the ceremony with Jay.”

Image credits: @ashabailey_/TikTok

It was the highlight of the wedding ceremony when Jay was in tears of happiness, and Chelsie was walking down the aisle. Loud applause from everyone was heard, and congratulations were in order when she walked the red carpet and reached the altar successfully.


she said she dreamed of the day she’d look her husband in the eye on their wedding day, and she did that 🥺

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Credits to: @ashabailey_/TikTok

Watching the video was heartwarming for netizens, but even more memorable for Chelsie. When she reached the altar, she said, “I want to know how it feels standing face to face with the groom.” She admits to not being able to look straight at her boyfriend since they started dating. Now, looking directly at him, they gave one another the gift of a lifetime on their wedding day.

Image credits: @ashabailey_/TikTok

Chelsie emphasizes: “There is nothing wrong with sitting on wheelchairs.” She couldn’t walk, but that did not stop her dream of dancing. She still dances in a wheelchair with a group who has the same disability. As of late, there are about 177,000 people following her on Instagram.

Chelsie’s story inspired many people. She proves that even if you are quite different from others, do not be afraid to show your true self.

Image credits: Chelsie Hill/Instagram
Image credits: Chelsie Hill/Instagram

It’s really touching to witness a very determined person like Chelsie, who walked down the aisle, although with difficulty, but motivated!


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