Cheaper by the Dozen! Married for 12 Years and with 11 Children, a Young Couple is Expecting Baby Number 12


An average couple usually likes only 2 or 3 children in their family. Some who like a bigger family prefer 6 to 8 kids. Though there is a family in the USA wherein the mother of 11 children could not get enough of being pregnant.

A 37-year-old Courtney Rogers from Mexico is married to her husband for 12 years. They have 11 children and are expecting their 12th baby soon. According to Courtney, she loves being pregnant and has a very unusual reason for having a baby every year.

She is the complete opposite of women who want normalcy after childbirth. For Courtney, she has an irrepressible feeling of satisfaction with giving birth to a baby every year.

According to The Sun, the mother of 11 has her hands full as a busy homemaker and takes care of all her children. She and her husband, Chris Rogers, enjoy being parents and love every part of their prospering family.

An interesting fact about the Rogers children: All their names start with the letter ‘C’.

Courtney and Chris have 6 sons and 5 daughters. They hope to have a daughter for their 12th baby to have equal numbers of sons and daughters in their household. They are very grateful for being blessed with such lovely children and are happy that they get to spend every moment with them.

Chris Rogers is a Pastor and is the sole breadwinner of the family.

Most families live in 3-bedroom apartments, but the Rogers family is growing, and the couple is looking for a bigger place to live in so everybody can be accommodated.

Courtney Rogers is proud to share photos and stories of her family and lifestyle on her social media pages. Sadly, most people do not share the same sentiment about pregnancy and kids. For various reasons, she receives bashes and hurtful comments on her posts.


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