Stray Mother Dog and Her Babies Enter a Stranger’s House to Avoid the Heavy Rain; Begging the House Owners Not to Drive Them Away

Image credit: Petstube35

It is always a mother’s instinct to protect her babies, even from the heavy pouring rain. It is always the stray animals that are affected when the weather suddenly changes. This is a heart-warming story of a mother dog who bravely begged strangers to let them into their house to shelter for the night since the pouring rain outside was strong.

The stray dog took the puppies into someone else’s house. Image credit: Petstube35

The soaking wet dog and the puppies in the picture are actually strays, and because of the sudden downpour of the rain that night and for the safety of her babies, she took the risk of bringing them into a family home to shelter for the night.

The well-behaved mother dog took her babies and curled up quietly in a corner. Image credit: Petstube35

With no hesitation, the homeowner opened the door and let them in to shelter from the rain, while the mother dog quietly took her babies inside the house and curled up in a corner. Due to the warm temperature inside and the comfortable atmosphere at the corner they stayed, the puppies soon fell asleep.

The babies immediately went to sleep, and although the mother felt very tired and sleepy, she stayed awake to watch over her puppies.

The mother dog seems to have been unable to resist sleepiness. Image credit: Petstube35

Although she is at ease beside her pups, the mother dog seems to slowly feel very sleepy and unable to resist the exhaustion, she slowly began to close her eyes. When she realizes that she has dozed off, she would suddenly wake up and check on her babies. She confirms that the environment is still safe, her puppies are still asleep, and she suddenly sits up again.

“No, I’m so sleepy…” Image credit: Petstube35

Exhaustion was soon evident on the mother dog, and her body began to sway from sleepiness. When she falls asleep and suddenly realizes she did, she instantly wakes up to check on her babies, then relaxes again when she sees that they are safe and sound.

“No, I’m going to stand up and resist it.” Image credit: Petstube35

After numerous times of dozing off then waking up, checking on her babies, the mother dog remains awake for some time then falls asleep again. She confirms that the corner is the safest place they could stay.

“My babies, you are safe.” Image credit: Petstube35

At one point, the owner of the house wondered about the strange behavior of the mother dog. It turned out that the dog was worried about falling asleep and was frightened that her puppies may be separated from her and brought out, so she dared not to sleep and guarded them as much as she could.

“I’m going to sleep now, it’s cold and raining outside, don’t take my babies away, okay?” Image credit: Petstube35

Seeing the mother dog’s behavior when looking after her puppies warmed the hearts of the house owners, so they decided to keep them. We also hope that these dogs will live in peace and happiness in their new owners’ homes.

All strays have the right to live in peace. With so many stray animals out in the streets looking for shelter, we hope that there, too, are many kind-hearted individuals willing to take them into their homes and give them the love that the animals deserve. Animals, in return, are very much capable of loving back and protecting us when we protect them from any danger, even a storm. #AdoptNotShop


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